but first, you've got to understand how the numbers work

You want to build a business that will leave a legacy for others. 

One that breaks the mold of the exploitative business model that we're used to. 

One that allows you, your clients, and your employees to feel empowered by the work that you do.

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So much more than just a money coaching program, you leave with a full financial plan for your business AND personal finances - including budgeting, cash flow management, budgeting, tax planning, hiring, and retirement!

Maybe you're tired of just "checking the boxes" or handing everything over to your accountant at year end, praying no one will notice you're not totally sure what you're doing.

You're stressed and tired of pretending to know it all or have it all together, and are ready to actually FEEL like a CEO who knows their numbers and can rely on them to make informed personal and business decisions.

Intensives are excellent for creatives who

✓ Are consistently earning full time revenue, but don't have a financial strategy in place for paying yourself, taxes, or growing the business

✓ Are pivoting to a new industry, offer, or entering a new stage of life or business - make sure your business can continue to support you through your transition

✓ Currently have a CPA or bookkeeper, but want to understand what the numbers actually mean and how you can use them to grow the business 

Enter the 6 week Intensive!

Ready to build a money confident business?