As your CFO, I want to help you scale your business and build wealth in a fun and shame free way.

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I work with you both IN and ON your business, helping with things like:

You started your business so you could get paid doing work you love, not stare at spreadsheets all day.

Let me handle the numbers of your business, so you can focus on the art.

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Cash Flow Management
Tracking the cash in your biz each month, helping you hit your big money goals! This includes invoice and expense management so you understand each dollar coming in and out of the business. 

Tax Strategy + Planning
Taxes can feel stressful and overwhelming! I help you effectively save and plan for taxes, staying up to date with new legislation and making sure you are compliant year-round.

Growing and Paying a Team
Whether independent contractors or employees, I help you manage paying your team and staying legal. Managing payroll each month, keeping track of all the required paperwork, and even sending 1099's and W2's during tax time!

Plus so much more!